Why I Blog

Placeholder ImageI have recently started blogging again and I have struggled to have any real direction in my blog. Originally I thought I would write a DIY Blog as we went about fixing our house, but that was much more technical and time consuming than I originally thought it would be and it was not enjoyable. Then I switched to blogging about homeschool, which is fun, I love homeschooling and my friend who is co-homeschooling with me has the most creative ideas! However, most of the creative ideas are hers and would require even more coordination than we already do with curriculum for me to write about them.

I have had to spend some time reflecting and deciding if it is a good use of my time and if I want to continue blogging, from this retrospection I have come up with the reason why I blog:

1. It give me a reason to reflect on events and make sense of things that are going on in the world.  

If I’m going to blog about something I want it to be at least halfway cohesively written and easy to understand, so I’ll spend more time reflecting on a certain subject or analyzing the cause and effect of changes I make within my household. For instance, I knew I wanted to write the blog “How to Turn Off the TV for Good” because I am passionate about watching less TV and encouraging others to take the constant noise of the TV away from their kids instead. Since I knew I was going to write about it, I paid closer attention to how my kids reacted, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly reactions of no longer watching TV. I believe this reflection helps me to be a better parent and a better person because I pay closer attention to the world around me.

2. Blogging is a Therapuetic Outlet. 

Much like keeping a daily journal, writing about your experiences is a therapeutic outlet. There will be times that I am consumed by an idea or something that is frustrating me, such as why women should stay at home instead of work, and I can’t stop thinking about it until I can write about it and get it out of my system. I’m hoping that at some point another person out there in the universe will read one blog post one day and go, oh yay, she’s crazy too, I’m not alone. You never know, it could happen.

3. Writer’s should write. 

I’ve always loved to write, when I was kid I wanted to be a journalist, and I would go around interviewing people with my little flip notebook. I was later convinced by others that I couldn’t be a good mom and a journalist so I should seek a more family friendly profession. I love to read as well, and when I was reading a book by Susan Bauer (I apologize I can’t remember which one it was) there was a quote in there that said “Writer’s should write” and it stuck with me. Even if I haven’t thought of some life changing idea, writer’s should write, and that’s what I love to do.

4. Blogging is a platform to voice your opinion without trying to condense it into 140 characters on twitter or a Facebook post that is bound to get you into trouble.

Seriously, have you ever stated your opinion on a controversial subject without somebody going off on you on Facebook. Nobody needs that grief on Facebook, in my opinion Facebook is for pictures of your kids and so you don’t forget birthdays. If I had written that on Facebook somebody would surely be furious that I would take such a stance.

5. I’m practicing so that I can write a book. 

I still want to write a book or two somebody. Writing is like any skill, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I really want to write a book on my observations in the business world on how customer service affects a business. Unfortunately, since I have been out of school the only writing I have done is notes and emails to co-workers and business clients, which is recommended to be written at a 3rd grade reading level. As a side note I think this a perposterous and as a society we should better educate ourselves so we can read above a 3rd grade reading level.  However, I need practice writing at a more advanced level before I write my book, so practice, practice, practice.

Share why you blog!


Organize Your Stuff with Gigmi

This has been a crazy winter for us over here in Idaho! We have had way more snow than usual and so we have actually had to deal with snow. Seriously, I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had to scrape the driveway and the sidewalks in all previous years. This year we even had to clean off our roof there was so much snow! Alaska and Montana are probably falling over laughing at our pitiful little snowfall, but we are not used to this! Anyway, with all this time focusing on the snow we are a little behind getting our Christmas decorations put away. I finally got them all organized and in the garage today! Yay! I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how to use the best app for organizing your stuff, Gigmi!

  1. Got to www.gigmi.com and create your login. If you want to make money by being a referral partner and be able to add an unlimited amount of items, become an affiliate partner as well! It is well worth it. If you just want to try it out first, sign up for the free app, you can still upgrade a become a referral partner later!

2. This will be your home screen once you have logged into the app. You can either start img_8102with adding container and then putting items in it, or you can catalog all your items first and then sort them into containers. Personally, I prefer to add a container first and the add my items as I fill up the container. One of the best things about Gigmi, it is fine to have a miscellaneous bin when you finish of things that didn’t fit neatly into the other containers, since you can search for items in your app and find out which bin you put them in later.

Now I will click on add container and the first container I am going to create is Christmas Lights. Although it will have more than just Christmas lights in it by the time I have finished, but it won’t matter because I can click on the bin and see everything that is in it anyway.

3. Add items to your container. If you decided to create all of your items first, you would click on existing items.


I am going to add them as I go, so I am going to click on New Item. My description will be simple Multi Color Christmas Lights. img_8056

I tore up a few Amazon boxes that had delivered Christmas presents to wrap my Christmas lights and keep them from being tangled when I get them out to decorate next year.




4. Change the quantity to how many of this item you have in this box. I had 7. When I finished organizing my Christmas lights I realized I have way too many lights! I didn’t even put all of them up this year! This is also a good reminder to me to not buy more Christmas Lights, even if it is a good sale!


This ended up being my whole container. 6 strands of green garland, 7 strands of Multicolor Christmas Lights and 2 Strands of White Christmas lights. After I put all my lights in the bin I realized the garland would fit on top perfectly and since the garland is so light I don’t have to worry about any damage to my lights.


5. Once you have organized all your items in your containers go to your computer and print out the labels. You can use the QR Codes so that you can scan the boxes, you can number them, or give them simple names like I did.

6. You can print them out on actual labels or I just used plain paper, cut them and used packaging tape to secure the label on the bin.

img_8081 img_8099

In the garage they go and I am done!!! Now if at any time throughout the year you need Christmas lights, you can’t remember what decorations you already have in storage or which ones you might need you can either login through your computer or your app and see everything you have logged in to Gigmi! Know Your Stuff! Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring you happiness!!


Only 343 days until Next Christmas!!!

5 Steps to Get Organized in 2017

It is that time again! New Year’s Resolutions! 2017 is going to be different. It is a brand new year and this year you are taking control of your life! Are you pumped up to organize your house yet? An organized home has huge benefits, both for your mental and physical health, that’s right, organization is a matter of your health!

First of all, having an organize house saves you time. How many of us have spent an afternoon trying to find the craft box for the picture frame craft you had planned for your kids and their friends the next day? I know I have spent way too many hours of my life trying to find things, and that ends with organization! How about money? Have you ever bought multiples of a tool just because you couldn’t find it when you needed it? Sure, you can sell it on Craigslist for half of what you paid for it, but now that time going to the store and that extra money you spent on the tool you already have is forever wasted.

Organization also reaps huge benefits on your state of mind and your overall mental health. It is said that an organized house gives you a sense of calm and a sense of control, and who doesn’t need to feel like they have more control over their life? You will likely also have the added benefit of increased concentration without having the clutter in the house distracting you from getting that report in on time, and of course you will be more inclined to have people over at the last minute because your house is already organized. I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me quite as happy as an impromptu afternoon drinking tea and talking to a good friend or neighbor!

Now are you convinced to get organized in 2017? Are you hesitant because it seems like a huge, insurmountable, daunting, and miserable task? Ah ha, I guessed it. That is my problem with getting organized as well. I’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps so it doesn’t seem quite as daunting to get your house organized.

1. Dedicate a Day or a Weekend if Needed. 

Personally, I need a weekend, but you might not be starting out quite as disorganized as I am. If you have young kids, find someone to take them for a day. We are lucky because my mom lives close and loves to have the kids over for a sleep over on the weekends whenever she can, so I’m going to just ship my kids off to Grandma’s for a weekend of cookie making while I organize. If you have older kids, enlist them to help. Give them small projects to do, or if it’s easier to not have the distraction, send them away for the day as well!

2. Team up with a Friend. 

This is also great for finding a place for the kids for the day if Grandma doesn’t live nearby for you. Team up with a friend who is also dedicated to getting organized in 2017 and have them take your kids one weekend and then you can take her kids the following the weekend! Also, it is great to have someone to keep you accountable, it’s like having a workout partner, you are more likely to keep working out if you have a partner who is going with you, it’s all about accountability. Help each other out and be there for moral support.

3. Get the Gigmi App. 

The Gigmi app is all about organizing your stuff. Know your stuff! Remember the example I gave in the beginning of the tool you needed but you couldn’t find so you went and bought another one and now you have 2 of them? That’s where Gigmi comes in to rescue you! With Gigmi you take a picture of your items, give it a quick description and put it in the box. Now when you need that hot glue gun for the craft project you just have to type it into your app and it will tell you which box it is in and where it is in your house. This will help you stay organized for years to come, so you won’t ever have to do this huge project again! Go to your Google Play or Apple Store and download Gigmi. It also has a web platform at http://www.gigmi.com

4. BOX IT UP! 

Here is crazy statistic I found on Get Simplifized a professional organizer. The average 3 bedroom home has 300,000 items. Can you believe that? 300,000. That is just too much stuff. Get a shelving system in your garage if you don’t already have one and box that stuff up! If you don’t use it regularly, there is no reason to have it out lying around your house causing clutter. I have 3 boxes with my kid’s toys in them at all times, and I rotate the toys on a regular basis. This way old toys are new again, and they are much more interested in their “new toys” that you just unveiled from the garage. Aren’t we mom’s tricky?!  With Gigmi you will be able to quickly find the items you boxed up and you won’t ever spend afternoon looking for that pesky glue gun again!

5. Plan an Awesome Reward for Yourself. 

Maybe having an organized house for 2017 is enough of a reward for you. It’s not for me! I need something awesome to look forward to! If I’m spending a whole weekend or even just a whole day organizing my house I want a huge box of chocolates and a girly mom only movie to watch. Team up with your organization friend and have a girl’s night to celebrate this new organized life you have created!

What are you going to do to celebrate your newly organized house?

Share in the comments!

How to Teach Your Child Latin- For A Classical Education

We have decided to follow the Classical Education for homeschooling our children. I love English Literature and my kids love books, so for the most part we felt very confident in our decision to follow the Classical Education as taught by Susan Wise. ** However, we were hesitant to teach Latin. We had been teaching our kids Spanish, but Spanish was easy, there were countless resources, including TV series, YouTube videos, songs, and a huge section at our local library with Spanish books. However, since Latin is a dead language and even Universities are starting to drop it as an elective, there are not as many resources available to teach Latin. This is what we found:

Dino Lingo has a Latin course and it has been very entertaining for my kids, who are 3 and 5, I doubt it would be near as entertaining for older children, but for their ages it works great.

We create our own posters. We printed out pictures of animals and wrote the names in Latin on a sticker. The kids were able to participate in creating the posters as well, so they love the posters and will go to our classroom regularly to admire their work and read the words in Latin.

We have created a memory game in Latin. You know the game memory where you have 24 cards (12 sets) that are randomly placed upside down then you turn them over one at a time to find the match? Our kids love this game, so we created a game with the picture of the animal or the color and then they have to find the corresponding word in Latin. My 2-year-old son doesn’t understand this game, but my 5-year-old daughter and who friend who is part of our homeschooling group, love this game! We simply made it with 3×5 notecards and printing out pictures, much like we did with the posters.

We found quotes and put them throughout the house. We kept this inexpensive. I bought the pretty resume paper from Office Depot and document frames from the $1 store. We found some of our favorite quotes online and printed them out and framed them to hang throughout the house. We even included a few fun ones such as “Barba Non Facit Philosophum” which translates to “A Beard Does Not Make One a Philosopher.” It makes people giggle after reading all the meaning of life quotes that are so popular in Latin.

Bonam Fortunam!

**You can learn more about the Classical Education from the books and online program here, which I am not affiliated with in any way, I’m just here to share my experience.

Nov 1st- Christmas Decorating Starts Today

This is it, we have been preparing for this day for the last 10 months, and now we are finally ready to being decorating for Christmas! You should be all hopped up on sugar from the mandatory tax you took on your kids Halloween Candy last night and hopefully your husband woke you up with a celebratory Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint Mocha to aid your energy. Now it’s time to decorate.

If you are anything like me you have 5-6 bins completely full of Christmas Decorations! Hopefully you have had a chance to organize all your decorations on Gigmi! We recently moved, so Gigmi  proved to be essential in getting our garage organized!

img_6500Now that it’s time to decorate, all I have to do is search my Gigmi app for the specific decoration I am looking for. For instance, I need to put up my interior wreath. I’m a hardcore Christmas decorator so I have more than one wreathe, as I believe most people should! I can search it on my Gigmi app, and there is the one I wanted for right now, the app shows me the picture and then tells me it is in bin #7. img_6501Perfect! Also I need the box with the bell to put on the doorknob… and there is the picture and it’s in bin #4! Easy stuff!



Finally, I need my tacky glue for the never ending Christmas crafts, because what good is celebrating Christmas if you can’t make Christmas trees out of Popsicle sticks. The tacky glue is in bin #6, the craft bin. christmas-craft

My daughter is very into crafts right now, so I will probably need a completely new bin by the end of this holiday season to fill up with all the crafts she is making! Luckily I’ll be able to organize all of it with my gigmi app, because I am not an organized person by nature!

Are you ready for a refill on your Pumpkin Spice Latte yet? Or Cinnamon Coffee? Cinnamon Coffee is one of my new  favorites this season! Let’s get organized and get decorated!! Merry Christmas Season!

Why All Men NEED to Know the Realities of Violence Against Women

It is baffling how much violence still exists against women and how so many men don’t understand the scary realities that women face everyday. I have realized that the main reason that many men don’t understand how prevalent of a threat the male species is in general to women is because we don’t talk about it. We keep these realities to ourselves because they are too painful to talk about, or people might think we are dramatic, or we just don’t want to think about them any more than we do so we shove them to the back of our mind where the survival portion is working to take care of us so the rest of our brain can focus on what a beautiful morning we are experiencing.

I would like to say that I have always talked to my significant other about these harsh realities, but I have always used the last excuse I listed above; I refuse to live in fear, so I don’t want to think about the seemingly quirky self protection measures I take by voicing them to my husband. However, now that our daughter is getting older, I have realized that these issues are soon going to be my husband’s problem as well, as he helps me in raising our daughter to be a confident, competent, and street smart young woman.

To be honest, I didn’t give a lot of thought to how differently men and women go about their day until my husband started asking questions about why I do certain things. Such as locking the door when he runs into the gas station to get an energy drink. One day I didn’t unlock it as soon as he got back and he asked me why I locked the door? Did I see somebody suspicious? No, I just always lock the door because you don’t always know what a bad person looks like until it’s too late, and I made an easy target being a woman with the car running.  It was a very simple thing, but it made me realize that men, even ones like my husband who are very cautious by nature, see the world from a different perspective.

Last weekend, we were out walking around downtown with the kids on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We walked past a parking garage where there were 2 girls, probably college students, waiting for the elevator for the parking garage. One of the girls commented to the other, I never take the stairs here. My husband was confused and after we were out of earshot he commented that was weird she wouldn’t take the stairs. He wasn’t being rude, he just lives in a different reality than a lot of young girls and women, so it never occurred to him what could possibly wrong with taking the stairs, it’s great exercise, and our society needs to walk more stairs. I almost felt bad telling him why women don’t take the stairs in sketchy areas, or even in seemingly safe areas. Not very many people take the stairs and they echo so you aren’t sure exactly where noises are coming from, and in the case of a parking garage there are a lot of easy ways to make a quick get away. For instance, a predator can wait in the middle of the stairs and as you turn the corner knock you out, either against the wall, rail, or by throwing you down the stairs, then they can do whatever they want to you there or they can drag you into their car really quickly if they had planned it correctly and were parked near the door. He gave me a look that was mixture of horror and anger.

This is why this important. My husband is an amazing man, it would never occur to him to hurt a woman, ever. This makes him less aware of things that happen, because he would never think to be aware of what another man might be doing in the stairwell because if he was hanging out in a stairwell it would probably because he was trying to catch a rare Pokemon! But now he knows to watch out for not only me and our daughter, but for other women as well, if he passes a man just hanging out in the stairwell and he sees a girl come up by herself, he will instantly be on alert because now he knows that she might be in a dangerous situation and he will be there to help her if needed. One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

It is so important for the many, many great men in this world to know what to watch for and how to help women when we need them. An important fact we can take from the recent case with the rapist, Brock Turner, was that it was two men who stopped it. It would have been easy for these two men to see some people having sex and move along, but they were aware of what it is like in a woman’s world and noticed that something did not look right. In the statement read to him in court Brock Turner’s victim thanked the two men that saved her, “I sleep with two bicycles that I drew taped above my head to remind myself there are heroes in this story. That we are looking out for one another. To have…felt their protection and love, is something I will never forget.” Buzzfeed

There are a lot of men in this world who are heroes, and who would step up to help in a heart beat, but they have to know where and how to look for situations where they can help. We have to make the great men aware of the threats we face every day so they can better understand the harsh realities of being a woman and they can do their part to change them for the better!

Homeschooling on the Go!


We don’t have a typical set up for homeschooling, so we have revised traditional school with what we call Homeschooling on the Go! The idea is to create a culture in our family where continually learning is just a part of every day life, you don’t sit down for school and learn for 5 or 6 hours and then turn your brain off; there is always something new and interesting to learn. We started this in our family partly out of necessity and partly because of how much of a difference it has made in our own lives.

For the first year and a half of our marriage, my husband and I were both in school full time and working. We would come home from work every night, make dinner, get our daughter ready for bed and then hit the books! We were so excited when we had finally finished our degrees and could live a “normal” life of just going to work and then coming home and not having to study. We went along like this for about a year, we found some shows we liked on Netflix that we would watch together or when it was nice outside we would go on a bike ride. After we had caught up on all the TV shows that were all the rage when we were in college that we didn’t have time to watch back then, we realized TV wasn’t all that fun and we missed studying! We missed learning and growing and having discussions about our homework! How I Met Your Mother is hilarious, but there’s not a lot to learn from that show, aside from learning that Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious!

We discussed getting our Master’s Degree, but to be honest, we already had a pile of student loan debt and we wouldn’t make that much more in our chosen fields with the higher degree, so we sought elsewhere. We downloaded audible (my husband drives a lot for his work so he could listen to books while he was driving) and we found some great personal improvement books. My favorite one to this day is Dale Carnegie’s  How to Win Friends and Influence People I would highly recommend it to anyone! We also listened and read books on health, body language, political and financial books, and one of our favorites, Spartan Up by Joe Desena. We also downloaded books to teach us new languages, which is probably the most fun activity we do together now, is to practice speaking in Spanish or Mandarin!

20151004_115146From this experience we realized the most important thing we could pass onto our children is the love of learning. Children are born with an innate desire to learn, I believe the most important thing we can do is to not kill their desire to learn. If we as parents are continually learning new things and show our kids how much we love to learn, they will likely follow suite.

This backstory brings me to my point of Homeschooling on the Go! We are very busy, we both work full time jobs, although we are lucky enough to have fairly flexible work schedules, and we spend a lot of time outdoors. Instead of having our children sit at a desk for a few hours every day and learn, we incorporate learning into our life. When we are jumping on the trampoline we count, sing the alphabet, count in Spanish, count be 2’s and count by 10’s. When we are driving up to some of our favorite camp grounds and hiking trails we practice spelling. My daughter calls it the spelling game, we will try to stump each other on how to spell a word.

When we are home we work on writing, reading and art. While I am cooking dinner my daughter will practice writing sentences and she will sit next to me and read to me while I’m folding laundry. Learning is just part of our every day life and because of that we never have to fight with the kids to do their homework, they just learn because it’s exciting and it’s fun. We are able to work homeschooling into our lives instead of working our lives around homeschooling and because of that we are able to pack some much more into every day!


Photo Credits: RedCoyote LLC -Facebook: @RedCoyote208

Note: I do not receive any compensation or kick backs from any company or book that I recommend. They are just what I have found to be most helpful in life, and I hope you can find as much use out of them as I have!

Surviving the Summer without Grass in the Backyard

This has been a rough summer for us trying to survive without a grassy backyard. The house we bought was foreclosed on and the backyard was a healthy lush field of thistles. CanadaThistle_leafNot just little Thistles either, it is full of the beautiful Canada Thistle!  Doesn’t that look fun?

This might sound like it’s not a big deal. Honestly a few years ago we were living in an apartment and it would not have even occurred to me that we would need a nice thistle free backyard! However, a few years ago I didn’t have the blessing of my 2 dogs and my 2 year old son. My daughter enjoys drawing, painting, and going to the park, so it wasn’t as crucial to have open space for her to run as it is with my overly energetic 2 year old! This was a pretty stressful decision for us, with all the work we had to do on the property we really needed to be able to have the kids in the backyard to get some of their wiggles out and not spend every evening at the park or the Rec Center until the kids are worn out.

We debated putting in a sand box, a play structure, or paying for the yard to be done quickly by professionals. Then we found the perfect solution… a trampoline! Growing up in a family of medical professionals I have always been hesitant to buy a trampoline, even as I am writing this blog it gives me a little anxiety knowing my children spend hours on the trampoline. However, we also have a high rate of obesity  in this country, so I try to at least do my part for my kids in making sure they get plenty of exercise. That is what I tell myself at least!

For the trampoline we only had to clean out a section of the beautiful thistle garden we were growing close to our patio so the kids can go straight from the patio to the trampoline! It’s perfect. My kids get plenty of exercise, they love it, and I have time to get the kitchen repainted without having to worry about little hand prints appearing in the wet paint.

We do have strict rules for the trampoline. They have to have the net zipped up at all times. They cannot play any games that increase their chance of injury such as crack the egg, or there is a similar one with bacon. They have to always be running the same direction (to try and avoid collisions) and they absolutely can not run into the side of the net!

If you are also suffering a summer without a backyard, a trampoline might be the answer for you too! What have you guys done when you don’t have a backyard to send your kids out to get their wiggles out?12963420_10156966753620128_3572354814640113154_n

Photo Credit: Jed Davis- Facebook @redcoyote208

5 Ways to Save Money on a Fixer Upper


We recently bought a cute little fixer upper house, so we are constantly looking for ways to save money without having to sacrifice too many luxuries and features we want in our house. We have been trying to do as much of it ourselves as possible, which helps keep most of the repairs and upgrades relatively inexpensive, but there are some things that are best left to the professionals. Through this process we have found quite a few different ways to save money: these are my top 5 so far:


1. Find Local 2nd Hand Building Supply Stores

We have been able to save thousands already by using 2nd hand building stores. Our favorite one is the Restore which is a non profit for the Habitat for Humanity! When builders have excess materials they often donate it non profits such as the Restore for a tax write off, so they often have materials here that have never even be used. You can also
get gently used appliances and fixtures that have been taken out of homes that have been remodeled. We had restore_pictureto buy all new blinds for our house and we are able to get the 2″ Faux Woods ones that would have been over $60 each because we have such large windows for only $10 each. We had 7 windows that needed blinds so that alone added up to a savings of $350, just on blinds! We also found some great outdoor light fixtures for $8 we were able to repaints so they look as good as new. If you aren’t sure where to look, ask the professional you just hired if he knows of a good 2nd hand building supply store in your area.


2. Find Tools to Borrow or Rent

We are lucky to have family near by and fantastic neighbors! There are so many tools that you need for little projects when you are fixing up a house that you won’t need on a regular basis. You can save a lot of money by renting these tools or by borrowing them from a neighbor. We rented a paint sprayer from our local paint store instead of buying We had to completely re-do the lawn, instead of sod we decided to lay seed, which meant a lot of rota-tilling and raking. We knew we wouldn’t be using a rototiller  very often so we were able to borrow my father in laws for a few weeks in exchange for my husband doing some manual labor at their place with their rototiller, which he most definitely would have done anyway, so it saved us a lot of money! We were also able to borrow a pressure washer, miter saw, and caulk gun— the caulk gun was just because we couldn’t find ours at the moment and needed to replace some shingles on our roof ASAP. Thank God for Good Neighbors!

3. Get 2-3 Quotes When Hiring Out Work

If you don’t like any of those quotes you can always get more, but for the most part getting more than 3 quotes in a waste of time. Check for reputable businesses, be sure they are licensed and check reviews with the Better Business Bureau and Google and Yelp reviews if they are available. You can look up contractor licenses for any state here: http://www.contractors-license.org/  There are quite a few different professional services you can use as well to connect you with the right company or person for the job. I deal_176351_handymansacramentoused Porch and I had 3 companies contact within the first couple of hours ready to give me a bid on my small framing project.  I was very happy that I got more than 1 quote because the first quote was twice as much as the company I ended up using! I was able to save over $1,000 just by getting more than 1 quote. That was definitely worth the time to meet with more than 1 contractor, and he did an excellent job!

4. Time Management 

Figure out how long you think it will take to complete the remodel/fixer upper project. Then double it. That is probably not what you expected to hear, we are always reading how we need to make a schedule and stick to it! Well I’m saying that too, but if it is your first time with a fixer upper or a remodel, it will probably take longer than you originally thought to get everything done, especially if you have full time jobs!

My original schedule was to have the house and yard completely redone in 12 weeks. I had it broken down by project and by how long I thought it would take. After the first 3 weeks I almost started hiring more professionals than needed and I was going to order Sod instead of waiting for the fall to seed. However, I calculated how much that would add to our home remodel and decided to change my schedule instead. Now I have allotted myself a full year, so I have time to get everything done without having to hire most of it out.

If you have no idea where to start in how long to allot for jobs there are quite a few free resources that will give you ideas on how to plan your remodel. I used HouseLogic for some ideas on how long renovations would take, but keep in mind this is using the time frame for professionals, not for a diy after a long day or long week of work, so cut yourself a lot of slack!

5. Be Flexible With Your Renovations

This is probably the most difficult one, and it ties in with 1&2. If you are anything like me you probably have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to your home remodel. You might even have a board with pictures of your ideal picture, ideal laundry room, and of course your dream bathroom! However, you will save a lot of money if you can be flexible in the upgrades and changes you make me. Start with what is most important and if you have certain things that you will not budge on, for instance having a big open kitchen, then by all means spend the money there. If you found a floor that you like on pinterest, but then found flooring at the Restore for half as much that you really like to, go with the less expensive option. You can save a lot of money by being flexible and open minded with your upgrades and that will give you the freedom to take advantage of a great deal when it comes your way!


Comment with ways you have found to save money on your Fixer Upper and Share with anyone you know who is considering taking on a remodel project or a fixer upper house!