Organize Your Stuff with Gigmi

This has been a crazy winter for us over here in Idaho! We have had way more snow than usual and so we have actually had to deal with snow. Seriously, I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had to scrape the driveway and the sidewalks in all previous years. This year we even had to clean off our roof there was so much snow! Alaska and Montana are probably falling over laughing at our pitiful little snowfall, but we are not used to this! Anyway, with all this time focusing on the snow we are a little behind getting our Christmas decorations put away. I finally got them all organized and in the garage today! Yay! I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how to use the best app for organizing your stuff, Gigmi!

  1. Got to and create your login. If you want to make money by being a referral partner and be able to add an unlimited amount of items, become an affiliate partner as well! It is well worth it. If you just want to try it out first, sign up for the free app, you can still upgrade a become a referral partner later!

2. This will be your home screen once you have logged into the app. You can either start img_8102with adding container and then putting items in it, or you can catalog all your items first and then sort them into containers. Personally, I prefer to add a container first and the add my items as I fill up the container. One of the best things about Gigmi, it is fine to have a miscellaneous bin when you finish of things that didn’t fit neatly into the other containers, since you can search for items in your app and find out which bin you put them in later.

Now I will click on add container and the first container I am going to create is Christmas Lights. Although it will have more than just Christmas lights in it by the time I have finished, but it won’t matter because I can click on the bin and see everything that is in it anyway.

3. Add items to your container. If you decided to create all of your items first, you would click on existing items.


I am going to add them as I go, so I am going to click on New Item. My description will be simple Multi Color Christmas Lights. img_8056

I tore up a few Amazon boxes that had delivered Christmas presents to wrap my Christmas lights and keep them from being tangled when I get them out to decorate next year.




4. Change the quantity to how many of this item you have in this box. I had 7. When I finished organizing my Christmas lights I realized I have way too many lights! I didn’t even put all of them up this year! This is also a good reminder to me to not buy more Christmas Lights, even if it is a good sale!


This ended up being my whole container. 6 strands of green garland, 7 strands of Multicolor Christmas Lights and 2 Strands of White Christmas lights. After I put all my lights in the bin I realized the garland would fit on top perfectly and since the garland is so light I don’t have to worry about any damage to my lights.


5. Once you have organized all your items in your containers go to your computer and print out the labels. You can use the QR Codes so that you can scan the boxes, you can number them, or give them simple names like I did.

6. You can print them out on actual labels or I just used plain paper, cut them and used packaging tape to secure the label on the bin.

img_8081 img_8099

In the garage they go and I am done!!! Now if at any time throughout the year you need Christmas lights, you can’t remember what decorations you already have in storage or which ones you might need you can either login through your computer or your app and see everything you have logged in to Gigmi! Know Your Stuff! Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring you happiness!!


Only 343 days until Next Christmas!!!

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