Surviving the Summer without Grass in the Backyard

This has been a rough summer for us trying to survive without a grassy backyard. The house we bought was foreclosed on and the backyard was a healthy lush field of thistles. CanadaThistle_leafNot just little Thistles either, it is full of the beautiful Canada Thistle!  Doesn’t that look fun?

This might sound like it’s not a big deal. Honestly a few years ago we were living in an apartment and it would not have even occurred to me that we would need a nice thistle free backyard! However, a few years ago I didn’t have the blessing of my 2 dogs and my 2 year old son. My daughter enjoys drawing, painting, and going to the park, so it wasn’t as crucial to have open space for her to run as it is with my overly energetic 2 year old! This was a pretty stressful decision for us, with all the work we had to do on the property we really needed to be able to have the kids in the backyard to get some of their wiggles out and not spend every evening at the park or the Rec Center until the kids are worn out.

We debated putting in a sand box, a play structure, or paying for the yard to be done quickly by professionals. Then we found the perfect solution… a trampoline! Growing up in a family of medical professionals I have always been hesitant to buy a trampoline, even as I am writing this blog it gives me a little anxiety knowing my children spend hours on the trampoline. However, we also have a high rate of obesity  in this country, so I try to at least do my part for my kids in making sure they get plenty of exercise. That is what I tell myself at least!

For the trampoline we only had to clean out a section of the beautiful thistle garden we were growing close to our patio so the kids can go straight from the patio to the trampoline! It’s perfect. My kids get plenty of exercise, they love it, and I have time to get the kitchen repainted without having to worry about little hand prints appearing in the wet paint.

We do have strict rules for the trampoline. They have to have the net zipped up at all times. They cannot play any games that increase their chance of injury such as crack the egg, or there is a similar one with bacon. They have to always be running the same direction (to try and avoid collisions) and they absolutely can not run into the side of the net!

If you are also suffering a summer without a backyard, a trampoline might be the answer for you too! What have you guys done when you don’t have a backyard to send your kids out to get their wiggles out?12963420_10156966753620128_3572354814640113154_n

Photo Credit: Jed Davis- Facebook @redcoyote208

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